Those are the guys who taught Aarbron walking. After 9 months of
                                        programming, their "baby" was ready to hit the shelves. 
                                        Together with Psygnosis, the Beast was released in 1989.
                                        The original box even contained a t-shirt, I guess everyone at Psygnosis
                                        supposed that the game would be a hit :)

                                        It is quite amazing that Martyn Edmondson was only 21, when he finished 
                                        the game. Paul Howarth was even younger! (20).

                                        Reflections did not release many games. The label was small, and it
                                        still is. Before Beast, they had another (small) hit - Ballistix. 

                                        With Beast 1, Reflections tried to push the current machines to their limits 
                                        (at that time only Atari ST and the Amiga had enough game power to let 
                                         something really "intense" happen on the screen.)
                                        Just like Factor 5, they tried to bring the Arcades home.
                                        And with 50 frames/second and 22khz-sample music, they really did a great

                                        After Beast there was Awesome in 1990. The game rocked, but it was not
                                        very popular, because it was pretty difficult.
                                                                 The cover of the game Awesome by Reflections.
                                                                        Artwork was done byJohn Harris. The Lettering was made by Roger Dean

                                        After Beast two and three, the last Amiga game by Reflections was
                                        Brian The Lion. It really had good ratings in every Amiga magazine at that time,
                                        but it is just not a typical game for Reflections. 
                                        It was just.. too nice or something. I do not know.

                                                                    Cover from Brian The Lion. Got it? Very cute..                           

                                        In 1999 they released Driver for Playstation and later for PC, yeah, and Martyn did
                                        a quite good job! It even resembles the old style! (and look at their new
                                        logo!) Well ok, it is (just?) a driving game, but who cares??


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