Part three of the Beast Trilogy was released in 1992.
                                        This time programming was done by Paul Howarth and Cormac Batstone.
                                        Graphics by Martin Edmondson.

                                        Part three brings the parallax landscape from Beast 1 back to us, as well
                                        as better playability and more puzzles than in Beast 2. 
                                        The game has got the beautiful graphics as well as the amazing 
                                        sound of the other two parts. 

                                        Shadow Of The Beast 3 consists of 4 levels (represented by 4
                                        spinning level disks at the titlescreen).
                                        At the beginning you can choose from two levels, if you complete
                                        any of them, the third and fourth level will be accessable.
                                        This is completely new for the series. Beast 3 is the only Beast game 
                                        to let you choose your starting point. Because of that you get 
                                        more possibilities from start, more variety and less linearity.
                                        Over all it is a huge step forward for the game.
                                        Beast three is the final word from Reflections and I consider it to 
                                        the perfect Beast. 

                                        The music comes from Tim and Lee Wright. I guess it is the
                                        most atmospheric sondtrack of all the Beast games. 
                                        Beast 1 has got intense and pressing sound, the music from
                                        Beast 3 represents a fitting end (out) of the shadow.
                                        The game over tune is as great as the one from Beast 2 - without 
                                        digitized guitars but cool drum samples instead!

                                        The box design was not made by Roger Dean. All cover artwork was 
                                        done by (found a page, mentioning it but I just don´t remember 
                                        the name..if any one knows it - please email me!!) 

                                        Also a full and complete story is finally unveiled in the manual and the game.
                                        (See the PROTAGONIST section!)

                                        The third Beast completes the trilogy and sets an end to the story.


                                        When the titlescreen appears (fourth of the intro screens),
                                        enter: "please daddy draw this for me" then press ENTER. 
                                        Now the ingame keys are activated. When the game starts, press
                                        the key for "right" on the keyboard to enable invulnerability. The 
                                        key for "left" disables it.

                                        Click here to the complete Solution for SOTB3!

                                        VERSIONS of the game:

                                        Commodore AMIGA (again this version is the best, because of the 
                                        great sound and because it was the platform, Beast 2 was programed
                                        on - see the "Beast 2 specs"

                                        AMIGA CD32 (ShadowOfTheBeast TRILOGY CD



                                        From left to right: intro screen, title screen, introducing the mission, fort dourmoor, game over.

                                        From the COLLECTION:


                                        Box from Shadow Of The Beast LIMITED EDITION. As you can read from the sticker,
                                                      this limited edition contained a Beast 3 pin badge.

                                                      Trivia: Beast 3 was the only game in the trilogy, using a BLUE loading screen. The loading screens
                                                      of the previous games were both in red.   

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