Psygnosis published the games in the early nineties. 
                                        Today, the guys from Liverpool do not even know about many of their old 
                                        games. Well, maybe just because most of the people who worked there 
                                        in the past have already left the company, who knows.

                                        I wonder if they care about this site(?)

                                        In the past, Psygnosis was famous and well known for the style and polished
                                        design of their games. The game boxes looked like YES covers from records and the
                                        games they published were (technically) always state-of-the-art.

                                        But it was not always like that. Some of the early games published by Psygnosis 
                                        (former "Psyclapse") were not quite up to the graphics standards. 
                                        An example  would be "Stryx" (Psyclapse) which had a great intro - and not much
                                        besides that.
                                        But with the game "Obliterator" they finally found their very own style.
                                        The typical lettering, logos, the music for their games - everything was wrapped in
                                        fine mystic dark fantasy artwork.
                                        The games also featured high-quality music and have set standards. Many great Artists like
                                        David Whittaker and Tim & Lee Wright composed for Psygnosis published games. 
                                        Every game has had its unique package design and many artwork was done by
                                        great fantasy artists like Tony Roberts, Peter Andrew Jones and OF COURSE
                                        Roger Dean who did the covers for Beast and Beast II. 

                                        You can find all Roger Dean covers made for Psygnosis here:

                                     by Roger Dean                           by Roger Dean               by Roger Dean and Tim White     by Roger Dean and Tim White                          

                                                              by Roger Dean                                                       by Roger Dean
                                        Reflections, the programmers of Beast 1-3, also released the games Ballistix (1988), 
                                        Awesome (1990) and Brian The Lion (1993) who where all published by Psygnosis.

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