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                                                                 ever made.

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              Thanks to:  MY GIRLFRIEND Undine for understanding and always supporting me ;-) I LOVE YOU!!
                                   JAN M. ZOTTMANN for the PC Engine-Version of SOTB 1 as well as a lot of other cool stuff!!
                                   JOHN THACKERAY at www.tradingpost.com for SOTB 1 AMIGA (big box)
                                   AMUSEMENT-ARCADE at www.amusement-arcade.com (for SOTB FM Towns Marty version)
                                   GEOFF WELCH for providing the SOTB 3 Limited Edition
                                   JOHN from GermanAmigaEmuBoard! Thanks for the SOTB HD-Versions!
                                   SOKARIS for some VERY nice scans and the LYNX-Version Manual of Shadow of the Beast! ADDED SOON ;)
                                   DAVID SISLER for two renderings of the SOTB 1 main character.
                                   ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

              Special Thanks to: DOUG GERDES for sending me the Beast 1 T-Shirt at NO CHARGE!!! THANKS!!!

              For even more Shadow of the Beast nostalgica look for the "Immortal" 1 and 2 Music CD at http://www.zottmann.com
                   The "Immortal" Soundtrack CD contains new productions from the ORIGINAL musicians responsible for the music in Amiga-games like
                   X-Out, Lotus 2, Jim Power, Lionheart and of course - Shadow of the Beast. Tim Wright made a special remix of the 
                   main theme from Shadow of the Beast 3! Immortal 1 features more work from Tim Wright as well as Chris Hülsbeck
                   and many other musicians. For more information visit: http://www.zottmann.com and http://www.synsoniq.de! 

              SOTB 3D is still in process (this project is NOT and won´t ever possibly be dead, but it WILL take time so don´t hold your breath on it.)
              The SOTB project still needs some skilled modelers and coders. Anyone who is familiar to applications like gmax, 3dsmax, milkshape etc.
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