Juy 18 2005: Site reopened!

              I updated all of the articles as well as some additional changes.
              The Beast 3D project still needs dedicated modelers and coders since I have little to no
              free time. I am still in search for a new engine.. Since Dungeon Siege II is reaching stores
              in early August, I will see if the new Tools and SDK (if they include any..) can recreate
              the world of Shadow of the Beast.

              Since the site and its content have reopened, I would be glad to hear from you! Just write me
              an email if you would like to see some specific content on the site and I will try to add it in
              the future. Many of you have sent great content already in the past years and I couldn´d
              add everything, but I will try to as often as I can. As you might have noticed this site is not
              frequently updated because the main purpose of it is to function as an online collection of
              Shadow of the Beast material, so don´t hold your breath on Beast 3D or frequent updates.


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